The Year of the Hare Arto Paasilinna

The Year of the Hare

Arto Paasilinna Translated from the Finnish by Herbert Lomas


Vatanen the journalist is feeling burnt out and sick of the city. One summer evening while on assignment his car hits a young hare on a country road. He goes in search of the injured creature. This small incident becomes a life-changing experience for Vatanen as he decides to break free from the world’s constraints. He quits his job, leaves his wife, sells his possessions to travel the Finnish wilds with his new-found friend. Their adventures take in forest fires, pagan sacrifices, military war games, killer bears and much more. A long-time best-seller in Finland and in France, The Year of the Hare is the authorÕs favourite among his works. It has also been translated into Italian, German, Dutch, Greek, Hungarian, Japanese, Swedish and many other languages. It is frequently dramatized for the stage and has twice been made into a movie.

‘Rarely do reviewers come upon a novel they believe to be a masterpiece, which they feel will become part of their imaginative lives. For me The Year of the Hare is such a work.‘ — The European

‘There is an enchanted lightness to everything they do . . . This is such an inventive novel . . . that one does not want it to end.‘ — Ham and High

‘No wonder the French have made this book into a cult. Finnish wit is as sharp as the Arctic weather.‘ — Mail on Sunday

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